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Operations Center Updates

Introducing the latest updates to John Deere Operations Center:

The new tools and features are available in the Operations Center to help growers improve job quality, productivity, and profitability include:

  • Guidance line management (delete and rename): producers can now manage guidance lines by reviewing the list, deleting bad lines, and renaming good lines. This will enable producers to reuse their desired guidance lines and reduce operator mistakes in the field by preventing temporary lines from being included in setup files. Map view will be coming soon after this release.
  • Forage harvester haylage cutting auto grouping: harvest documentation for self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH) will now group together operations within Field Analyzer and agronomic reports if the operations occur within 20 days of less of each other. If the operations occur 21 days or more apart, they will be tracked as separate operations.
  • Agronomic report export in CSV format: the agronomic reports generated in Operations Center can now be exported to a CSV file for use by producers.
  • Product panel search updates: improvements to the search functionality within the product panel will allow users to quickly locate, add, and reuse common products.
  • Jobs and MyJobs app updates: the Jobs feature in Operations Center and the related MyJobs mobile app are now easier to use, with additional information and photos. The growing can generate summary job reports that are exportable in CSV format.
  • MyAnalyzer Android mobile app: farm summary information: the farm summary information within the MyAnalyzer mobile app is now included for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • New feedback link is ore accessible: a feedback link has been added in a more visible location to make it easier to submit input from everywhere in the Operations Center website.
  • New MyJohnDeere notification routing: All users now have the ability to change their profile and receive notifications of outages and updates via SMS text or email. This allows John Deere to more proactively communicate with dealers and customers to understand system updates and manage outage expectations.

For more information and "How to's" , log-in to Operations Center on your MyJohnDeere account - Select "Help" from the down arrow menu in the top right hand corner of your screen - Lastly, Select "Release Notes" on the left hand side of your screen - Or visit your local VPE Dealership for more training options

Effective Date: 03-Feb-2017