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GreenStar 3 CommandCenter

GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display provides instant information

GreenStar 3 CommandCenter
GreenStar 3 CommandCenter
The GreenStar 3 (GS3) CommandCenter is the central information system used on 8R and 8RT Series Tractors and is located on the end of the CommandARM™. When the operator swivels the seat, the GS3 CommandCenter will follow, allowing tractor information to be readily available.  The GS3 CommandCenter also allows the operator to program various settings and tailor the readings to a specific operation.  The 178-mm (7-in.) color display is divided into three regions: left-hand, center, and right-hand. The left-hand region can be configured by the operator to monitor three tractor functions of their choice.  The right-hand region shows the shortcut keys to desired information.  Operators can program additional shortcut keys that will appear in the right-hand region.  The center region either shows the main home pages or displays the information relative to the current settings the operator is adjusting.
CommandCenter settings tutorialsClick to play video
CommandCenter display regions
CommandCenter display regions
1left-hand region
2center region
3right-hand region
Tractor readings that are displayed within the GS3 CommandCenter:
  • Fuel use per hour
  • Fuel use per area covered
  • Distance traveled
  • Area covered or traveled
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • FieldCruise™ settings
  • Clock
  • Engine hours
  • Hours since last service
  • Ground speed (wheel input)
  • Actual ground speed (radar or GPS input)
  • Slip percentage
  • Engine rpms
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine oil pressure
  • System voltage
  • Auto shift set gear
  • Power take off (PTO) speed
  • Area covered per hour
  • iTEC™
  • Hydraulic settings and ambient air temperature (with deluxe or premium cab options)
NOTE: For percent slip and hitch slip command to function, an optional radar sensor is required.The GS3 CommandCenter also allows the operator to change or adjust other general machine functions, such as:
  • Day/night display backlight
  • Rear PTO engage modulation rate to start implements
  • Performance monitor recording (implement in operation input selection, i.e. implement switch, SCV, or hitch)
  • Hitch slip command response (sensitivity)
  • U.S. or metric units
  • Display language
  • Settings for AutoPowr™/IVT™
  • Settings for PST: Start-up gear default, APS shift point, and auto-shift sensitivity
  • Service intervals
  • Diagnostic codes

AMS capabilities

GreenStar™ 3 Display
GreenStar™ 3 Display
The GS3 CommandCenter display has the capability to run certain AMS applications. With a StarFire receiver, the display can be utilized for manual guidance. In addition, operators can utilize AutoTrac™ and Swath Control Pro™ within the GS3 CommandCenter by purchasing the appropriate activation when ordering the tractor or through AMS after delivery.

Layout Manager

Layout manager
Layout manager
Home page scrolling
Home page scrolling
The GS3 CommandCenter features layout manager. Layout manager allows operators to configure GS3 CommandCenter home pages in the format they desire, displaying the information that is essential to them. Layout manager also allows operators to page through other screens by simply selecting the home page icon.

Access Manager

Access manager
Access manager
Access manager allows the owner to lock out certain function settings from the operator to prevent them from accessing or changing settings through an owner define four digit code.
Lock-out screen
Lock-out screen
Items that owners can select to lock out include: 
  • GreenStar applications
  • Hitch
  • Hydraulic
  • Transmission
  • PTO
  • FieldCruise™
  • Display
  • Performance monitor

Video capability

GS3 CommandCenter video
GS3 CommandCenter video
Video triggers
Video triggers
The touchscreen GS3 CommandCenter is prewired with one video input to provide video capability. Operators can set the video to a mirror on/off. Mirror on will flip the view right for left, and mirror off will show left for right.  The operator has the ability to set a variety of triggers, including reverse, PTO, hitch, and SCV levers to activate the camera. In addition, the amount of time that video is activated can be set from the GS3 CommandCenter from 5 to 60 seconds. Camera (video observation system) is available through JD Partsand Agricultural and Industrial (A & I) Products: JD Parts -
  • SWTY26834: Adapter harness (will plug into the harness located on the back of the tractor behind the cab; under the back window)
  • SWVCCS150B: ASA camera with mounting bracket
  • CEC15:  15-ft Extension harness
  • CEC50:  50-ft Extension harness
A & I -
  • A-VS1C110: CabCAM camera
  • A-PVC20: 20-ft Extension harness
  • A-PVC65: 65-ft Extension harness

Display options

Touch screen option
Touch screen option
The CommandCenter is available in two configurations, standard display, and an option touch screen display.